Large Double Bungee Leash

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5ft length

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Up to 60 Pounds (each dog) for 2 dogs expands from 4ft to 6ft, great for your Medium to Large Dogs, such as a Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, etc. Plenty of room for both dogs and when one pulls, the other dog is not effected as this leash is not a coupler but 2 separate leashes. If your dogs get tangled… as soon as they walk apart the leash automatically untangles.

Many dog trainers call it a “1st step training tool” to assist in training. Many of our customers over the past few years have stopped to tell us that they think the leash actually trained their dog NOT to pull! We believe that the resistance is in our proprietary twist which gives the leash strength and deters their dog from pulling. The leash only stretches minimally, just enough to absorb the shock of the pull allowing you to have full control of your dog.

It is important when using an expandable leash that the leash is strong enough to pull your dog back. This is determined by the weight/strength of the dog. If your dog is almost 40 pounds and pulls very strong you should use the next size up or the up to 60 pounds leash.

Manufactured in Carlsbad, California. All of the bungee cord is 1st grade rubber and also made in the USA.

Additional handle sold separately in case you want to walk each dog separate!

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Dimensions 60 in

Blue/Black/Gold, Grey/Gold/Black, Purple/Black/Gold, Teal/Blue/Black, Pink/Purple/Black, Red/Black/Gold, Pink/Black/Grey


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