About  Pet Walker-Plus™

About Pet Walker-Plus™

Are you tired of tangled and twisted leashes? Then, you’ve come to the right place. For over 28 years, Pet Walker-Plus™ has been offering patented and highest-quality No-Tangle leashes for 2 dogs. Our bungee leashes are handmade, and all leashes are made right here in the US.

Taking Care of Your Dog Needs

Our Inspiration

We owned several puppies before starting the business. Our experts tried various double leashes designed with couplers and bracing, but they invariably tangled, pulled, and had potty accidents. We designed a no-tangle dog leash to let multiple-dog dog owners enjoy their walks and come back smiling. Our entire neighborhood utilizes our leashes and has several satisfied customers.

Pet Care Supplies

We offer simple, cost-effective solutions to keep you and your dogs happy. Our collection also includes pet supplies such as dog water bottle caps, Spurr's Big Fix wound spray, and other items that both you and your dog will enjoy. We also deliver our products right to your door. Please reach out to us for more information.

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