Tired of Tangled Leashes?
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Come Back Smiling  From Your Walks

Come Back Smiling From Your Walks

Pet Walker-Plus™ offers a wide range of thoughtful pet care products and toys nationwide. We provide patented Double Nylon Leashes and handmade Bungee Leashes at affordable prices. Our No-Tangle dog leash for 2 dogs is of great quality, comes in various colors, and is made in the USA. With two separate leashes and no couplers, one dog will not be able to drag the other dog. You can also correct each dog bungee thanks to its separate functions, which act as a shock absorber and can be great for pullers and dog owners with arthritis. Visit our website to order high-quality dog leashes, water bottle caps, and more.

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NEW! Equine Leads and Trailer Ties

Now horse owners can enjoy the same high quality craftsmanship found in our dog leashes.


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