Spurr’s Big Fix


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Cuts, Scrapes & Hot Spots!
Spurr’s Big Fix is ideal for use on cuts and scrapes on dogs, and is particularly helpful on “hot spots”. Simply spray the affected area and the antiseptic ingredients quickly disinfect the area while the soothing qualities of tea tree and other essential oils immediately go to work.

Got Ticks? Not anymore! Simply spray the tick directly with Spurr’s Big Fix and wait a few minutes. The tick will either back out on its own or will readily “pluck” right off your dog!

Sore muscles on your hunting or working dog? Spray Spurr’s Big Fix on your dogs joints and hip areas as an invigorating brace! The menthol in the formula eases tired muscles and invigorates your dog after a long day hunting or working. An added benefit: your dog will smell better too!

Skin Conditions?

Spurr’s Big Fix is effective on many different types of skin issues and/or fungus’s. This cute little guy was feeling much better after just 3 short days after his first treatment of Spurr’s Big Fix.

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